The company

 Founded in 1980, RECO Gesellschaft für Industriefilterregelung mbH is an independent company active in the fields of filtration and process technology.
Our company is divided into four business units:

electronic controls and switchgear
valve technology and purge gas tank systems
integrated PC software for control engineering
Approval and inspection of flushing gas tank systems

We are an employer to more than 80 people in such areas design and development, administration and manufacturing

Every year, more than 37,000 industrial air and process control systems are equipped with RECO controls, switchgear and valve systems.
Our control systems are used all over the world for air pollution control, machinery engineering, producing industries, mining, pharma and food industries. As a system supplier we distribute our products to plant and component manufacturers only.
RECO SERVICE offers to our customers approval and inspection of flushing gas tank systems according to the Industrial Safety Regulations.