RECO introduces new filter controls


RECO offers a wide range of controls that meet all the requirements of the filtering process and has a special solution for every customer request. It is a continuous development. We are proud to present you our new RECO MATIC controls with extended functions for the CompactLine and EasyLine series.


The industry 4.0 controls enable an intelligent connection of the systems with the help of modern information and communication technology. Modbus communication is carried out via R-IMC bus module to a programmable logic controller (PLC) or to a data logger with cloud connection. The operating data of the filter can be therefore accessed via the Internet.

The housing version with socket and connector allows an easy and efficient assembly and also reduces installation costs. Up to 30 pieces of valve modules RM-V6 can be connected to this control.


The Easyline device series is extended by a new RM-200C controller. The controller is connected to the new aluminum valve box RM-LV6 through a plug-and-play solution.  Up to 15 valve boxes can be connected to the EasyLine filter controls.
The new aluminum valve boxes RM-V6 from the CompactLine and the RM-LV6 from the EasyLine series are specially designed for installation on the pressure tank. These versions are also available for outdoor temperatures down to -40 ° C.