Purge gas tank system with integrated diaphragm valve


RECO has successfully launched the tank systems of the new ST-160 series this year. The new ST-160 profile is ASME compliant – this means a large sales market for our customers, because the profile meets not only the requirements of the European but also the American and Chinese standards. The RECO Tank Systems ST-160 can be up to 5000 mm long. If desired, an increase in volume can be achieved by a flanged second tank.
Tank systems from this profile can be equipped with all valve sizes DN 25 – DN 40 VS – DN 50 VS. Specific requirements are our passion: The valves of different sizes can be mounted in the same flushing gas tank. The distinguishing feature of our tank systems is the direct mounting of the valves in the aluminum section. This technical solution makes a very high pressure pulse possible.
As a system supplier, RECO offers its customers also combined-items: Tank system together with control, this means the valve boxes or controls are mounted directly on the aluminum profile.
Another special design feature is our right angle valves with TPE-E-Power Reflex diaphragm. The new flow-optimized design with the aluminum valve body offers significantly better results for all measured values: more power, higher flow capacity and higher pressure pulse. The TPE E-Power reflex membrane has a very short pressure rise and a reflective closing function. The valves can be controlled pneumatically or electromagnetically.